The Arkansas Riverwalk in downtown Pueblo is a beautiful result of successful efforts to bring people back into the city's core. The Riverwalk is easily accessible from anywhere near City Hall or the El Pueblo Museum complex. There are several concessions open along the way for munchies and drinks and there is usually at least one musician playing in the acoustics under one of the overhead bridges. The Riverboat makes regular cruises up and down the area and the kids love playing in the fountains on hot summer days. However, as you can see from the photos below, there aren't too many people out and about on a warm hazy day in mid July.

Paddle Boat Pond
The Paddle-Boat Pond
Arkansas Riverwalk
Riverwalk Falls
The Fountains just below Pueblo City Hall
River Boat
A Riverboat makes its way along the Riverwalk
the Zebulon Pike Memorial
The Zebulon Pike Memorial, with the public restrooms behind
The Riparian Zone
At the Bridge next to the Pike Memorial, looking downstream
the riparian zone
The Riparian Area below the Pike Memorial