Hunting and Fishing on
State Trust Lands and Wildlife Areas
in Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle County, Colorado
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Eagle County State Trust Lands
Berry Creek - GMU 36
Whiskey Creek - GMU 36/45

Eagle County State Wildlife Areas
Eagle River
Gypsum Ponds
Vail Deer Underpass

Berry Creek

From I-70 exit 163 (Edwards), go north to Singletree entrance, then west to Forest Service Road 778. Go 1 mile and then turn left after cattle guard. Go another 2.5 miles. The Trust Lands are surrounded by National Forest with several 4WD trails running through.
ACRES: 640
OPEN: September 1 to February 28
HUNTING: Elk, deer, black bear, blue grouse, rabbits, coyote


Whiskey Creek

Go west on the I-70 from Vail to Exit 171, then go another 1/2 mile west. Property is south of I-70. Parking at USFS office at Meadow Mountain, 1/4 mile east of Exit 171. Timber activity may be present.
ACRES: 602
OPEN: September 1 to February 28
HUNTING: Elk, deer, black bear, blue grouse, small game
RESTRICTIONS: Foot or horseback access only.

State Wildife Areas


Toner Unit: Go 3.2 miles east of Basalt on USFS Road 105 (Fryingpan Road) to signs, then turn north and follow signs.
Christine Unit: Go 1/2 mile west of Basalt on old Highway 82 (Two Rivers Road) to Homestead Drive, then go north to access road.
ACRES: Toner Unit: 2,577; Christine Unit: 2,230.
OPEN: April 16 to November 30, except rifle ranges and on Lake Christine.
HUNTING: Elk, deer, bighorn sheep, blue grouse.
FISHING: Coldwater stream, coldwater lake
RECREATION: Wildlife observation, picnicking.
FACILITIES: Shooting range

  • No alcohol on shooting range
  • No boating or water activities allowed on Lake Christine.
  • No camping within 1/4 mile of Fryingpan River.
  • No camping except from 3 days before to 3 days after regular and late big game hunting seasons.
  • No fires and no mountain bikes allowed.
  • No dogs allowed except during authorized field trails in August and September only.

Eagle River

Go 1 mile east from Eagle on US 6, then go 5 miles east upstream.
FISHING: Coldwater stream
RECREATION: Wildlife obervation
RESTRICTIONS: Fishing easements only; no camping, fires or dogs allowed; closed except for fishing; open only as posted in designated areas to protect private property.


Gypsum Ponds

Get off the I-70 at the Gypsum exit, take south frontage road east to parking area.
HUNTING: Waterfowl, deer
FISHING: Coldwater lake, coldwater stream; Bag & Possession limit for trout is 2.
RECREATION: Wildlife observation, non-motorized boating on pond
RESTRICTIONS: Between sunset and sunrise closed except to hunters and fishermen; No camping, glass containers, fires, boat launching or takeouts allowed; No dogs allowed March 15 to June 15; No dogs allowed on eastern ponds except for use in waterfowl hunting; Field trials may be authorized only in August and September.



Go 2 miles south of Kremmling on Highway 9 to CR 1 (the Trough Road to State Bridge), turn and go 12 miles southwest.
HUNTING: Elk, deer, small game, black bear, mountain lion, blue grouse, dove, waterfowl.
FISHING: Coldwater stream
RECREATION: Rock climbing, camping, wildlife observation, snowmobiling
FACILITIES: Rest rooms
RESTRICTIONS: No hunting in designated safety zone as posted on-site.


Vail Deer Underpass

Go 4 miles west of Vail on the south I-70 frontage road.
RESTRICTIONS: No hunting; closed November 1 to June 15.

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