Copper Mountain Ski Resort

"If there were a mountain that had terrain for skiing it would be Copper Mountain. It is probably the most outstanding potential ski area in the Arapahoe National Forest, and possibly Colorado. The north facing peaks of Copper Mountain Ski Resort offer an excellent variety of development for expert, intermediate and beginner skiers. The unique thing is that all three varieties are separated by definite terrain features, and in all three cases the skier can ski back into the base area. The mountain has good snow and sparse tree cover created by old burns, which offers a tremendous opportunity to create natural type runs that blend in with the surrounding countryside."

This quote is from the National Forest Service' first report in regards to the initial ski area plan submitted back in 1971. Fueled by these natural advantages, Copper Mountain Resort has become a world-renowned premier Colorado destination.

Copper Mountain also offers excellent dining, lounging, entertainment and other apres-ski opportunities, in addition to the excellent lodging choices available.